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Saurbury, Saurustan and Sauratlas

Based on Brachiosaurs, and serve as the ‘semi-legendary’ line on Islas Azul. 

Saurbury are known to gather in impressive numbers in vast plains, causing the plain to be seen no more. They like to created stampedes, which can be felt and heard miles away, and are rather mischievous, often causing havoc. A group of Saurbury is called a borough. 1.6m (5′03″) tall. Name derived from saurus + -bury (an English suffix given to fortified cities)

Saurustan occasionally join boroughs of Saurbury to keep an eye out for danger. They mostly spend time in groups of 5-10 individuals (known as a nation) raising young Saurbury, while singing beautiful songs to calm them. Their gender ratio is 12.5% male and 87.5% female, and only males can evolve further. Females don’t evolve because it is impossible to raise young once they do. Each year after breeding season, males migrate to a certain area where one is chosen to evolve. 4.0m (13′01″) tall. Evolves from Saurbury at Level 42. Name derived from saurus + -stan (a Persian suffix meaning ‘land’ or ‘place of’, given to several Central Asian countries and provinces) 

Sauratlas is the tallest known Pokemon in the Cyare region. It’s impressive height at 13.9m (45′07″) has unusually made it part flying type, due to the fact that it feels like it’s soaring the skies with a bird’s eye view of it’s surroundings. Clouds even form around it’s head. Sauratlas are mostly solitary, as a group of them (known as a world, containing up to 3 individuals) would cause too much chaos due to their sheer size. They are also very few and far between, due to the extremely specific conditions required for it’s evolution. Evolves from Saurustan at Level 70 (males only, perhaps holding a specific item, in a specific area, during a certain time period, just to be annoying. Maybe your entire party needs to be full of male Saurustan as well, to make it more annoying). Name derived from saurus + atlas.

Cyarean Oddish Family
I've always been a little bit iffy on the idea of tampering with the official Pokemon, like creating new evolutions and such. The idea of regional variants however, is a quite cool in that I can adapt them to my region and treat them as almost totally different species. So I've decided to add some 'Cyare Forms' to the mix.

Introducing the Cyare forms of the Oddish family!

ODDISH - Grass
According to historical records, a group of Oddish made their way to Cyare centuries ago, as stowaways on the canoes of the Islander settlers. They eventually made their way deep into the dense forests that cover the region. Over time, the clean fresh air they breathed in removed all the toxins from their bodies, making them lose the poison type. The forests were so dense and dark, they felt safe and no longer needed to hide underground, or remain nocturnal. Their skin turned a brown colour and hardened into bark, which gave them a boost of defense and attack. Living among several commonplace ferns caused the plant to replace the leaves on their heads. After many years, they slowly emerged from the deep forests and now reside in many green areas across the region. 

GLOOM - Grass
Gloom's bark hardens even more once evolved from Oddish, and has increasingly gained attack and defense. Upon evolution they begin to drool a delicious golden honey-like nectar that is favoured by many and is used in many local delicacies. No longer being a Poison type as well, Gloom has developed a rather fresh and pleasant aroma, and city people in particular, keep Gloom to freshen their homes. Gloom is also no longer floral, as the ferns from Oddish remain, it has failed to develop any kind of flower. Still evolves from Oddish at Level 21.

Vileplume has grown into a tree, with a magnificent arrangement of ferns on its head. Most Vileplume prefer to live in forests, and are masters of disguising themselves as actual trees. Where there is no forest, groups of Vileplume may gather creating a forest themselves and is a spectacle to witness. Another form of Cyarean Vileplume has also emerged over time, this one being a lot taller than usual. This is caused by Vileplume that live in well lit forests, with the extra sunlight causing them to grow taller. A Leaf Stone still remains the method of evolving from Gloom. Attack and defense have taken over as Vileplume's favoured stats, and uses moves such as Power Whip and Wood Hammer.

BELLOSSOM - Grass/Fairy
Bellossom also live deep in forests and are like whimsical wood sprites that shuffle about the forest floor. They wear a dress of dead fern leaves, a headdress of young ferns, and have soft dark green moss covering their skin. While Vileplume are slow moving and carefree, Bellossom are quick and alert, and are also known to emit a soft glow. For many years people have thought that the changes Gloom underwent made it lose the ability to evolve into Bellossom, as Sun stones no longer worked. It is now known that the ability to evolve was only suppressed until the right conditions were met, and a shiny stone is now required. Also opposite to Vileplume, Bellossom is strong in its special stats. It uses moves such as Moonblast, Energy Ball and Leaf Storm.

Cyare Form alterations designed by myself with the use of base designs (c) The Pokemon Company
Casa de Luna
A painting I have just finished for my mother, featuring my cat Luna. He is enjoying the sun and the sea at his lovely summer home, in no particular location :)
Acrylic painting on circle wooden board I did for a fundraiser auction last year.


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